is one-stop destination for all kinds of home cleaning services in Delhi Gurgaon Noida. We offer services from cleaning, polishing, mopping and removing stains. We offer dependable and completely satisfying services for your home. Our company will provide you with the best cleaning experience, with the best equipment, materials and well-trained as well as verified employees. We aim to satisfy our customers, with our cleaning service.

Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Rs. 4242.60

Sofa Cleaning Rs. 1170.00

Kitchen Cleaning Rs. 1766.70

Bathroom Cleaning Rs. 1000.80

Mattress Cleaning Price on Request

Carpet Cleaning Price on Request

Hotel Cleaning Price on Request

Office Cleaning Price on Request

Chair Cleaning Price on Request

Floor Polishing Price on Request

Resturant Cleaning Price on Request

Pest Control Price on Request

Important Points of Home Cleaning services in Delhi Ncr we offer:

  • Cleaning the floors of the entire apartment.
  • Removing dust and cobwebs from every corner of the house, including, table, desk, ledges and bookshelves.
  • Cleaning mirrors, ceiling fan, lighting fixtures and windows around the home.
  • Cleaning the washroom, this includes removing stain from the tubs, sinks, counters and the cuboids.
  • Cleaning of every household furniture available.
  • Cleaning the kitchen, this includes scouring the sink, cleaning the chimney, gas and the counters.
  • Removing stains from the tiles in the house, kitchen and bathroom, removing even the tiniest of dirt which accumulates between the tiles.
  • Dusting or vacuuming the mattress.

Reasons to select home cleaning service:

When it comes to home cleaning, most of us think that we will be able to clean the whole house ourselves. However, this is not true, when it comes to cleaning, it is always better if we depend on experts. Read on and find out why is it necessary for every one of us to avail home cleaning services in Delhi Gurgaon Noida.

Expert and well-trained professionals:

Companies which offer cleaning services ensure that they hire well-trained and expert professionals for ensuring a sparkling clean home. These professionals are expert in cleaning, dusting, sanitizing and removing stains from all nooks and corners of the house. There is more to cleaning then what meets your eyes. These professionals not only clean your home but also ensure that every household item is place in its proper place and proper order, making your home look neat, tidy and in order.

Saves time for more important things:

Nowadays, all of us are busy with our own work, whether you are a homemaker or a full time working man or women. It is practically impossible to be able to carefully clean every corner of the house, hence it is always better that you hire a professional service to make life easier for you, hence allowing you to concentrate on your work, your meeting, catching up with your favourite TV show or reading, or simply allowing you to spend some play time with your child.

Hygiene kept in mind while cleaning:

The professionals that you hire will ensure that your home is properly cleaned, and all signs and conditions of unhygienic are removed. This would lead to a happier and healthier life for your family. Hence, it seems that hiring a home cleaning service in Noida and home cleaning in Delhi is an excellent idea.

Keeps your home clean and sparkling throughout the year:

We often have visitors and guests during special occasions, however sometimes we also have unexpected visitors. Hence, it is a really good idea to keep your home clean all the time. It is an excellent idea to bring in professionals who will go out of their way and clean your home, beyond the normal sight, making it shine. Thanks to the cleaning service Delhi, your home will always be guest ready.

A clean home is an asset:

It is recommended that you always keep your property, which in this case is your home, always clean and sparkling. It will not only help you to get an asset value while selling it, but it will also impress the new homeowner, who comes in to bid for your home. A clean home will make your flat look new. Hence, allow the experts to come and clean your home.

We at aim to make your life easier, just select the required service from the list and, sit back and relax; while we will take care of your cleaning requirements.